1. SellMyGold affiliate stores must pay customers the gold price listed on the SellMyGold website on the day of the sale.
  2. We take considerable care to ensure our prices are accurate. However, we recognise that mistakes can occur and reserve the right to correct them when they happen.
  3. As an affiliate of SellMyGold, you are solely responsible for your testing procedure (to confirm carat content). SellMyGold will not be held liable for an affiliate purchase that is miss-confirmed or for counterfeit goods.
  4. SellMyGold will not be responsible for an affiliate store’s purchase of any stolen goods.
  5. As an affiliate of SellMyGold, all metal purchases must be made in a brick-and-mortar store, and you should not make metal purchases via e-channels. 
  6. In some circumstances, scraping a tiny sample of metal from the item may be necessary. If this occurs, as an affiliate of SellMyGold, you will always do your best to ensure this is done on an area of the item that is not usually visible.