Buying Partner Network

Sell My Gold is one of the UK’s top-ranking websites for purchasing gold, silver, and other metals from members of the public, with customers across the country. However, there are people who prefer the face-to-face approach when selling their items and like to deal directly with a buyer in their area.


Sell My Gold has a network of Buying Partners, businesses who have a physical shop that is listed as an exclusive Buying Partner on the website, giving customers a local alternative to sending the gold away.


How It Works
Buying Partners sign up to the website and create a listing for their shop. The shop is then displayed on a map on the website. Customers have the option to send their items directly to us via the post or to search for shops in their local area where they can take their items. If they prefer to visit, the website displays the businesses in their local area.


To become a Buying Partner simply select your plan option and complete the form, providing the information about your shop you want to be displayed.


Signing up is quick and easy. Join our network today.