July 14th 2020

Gold wedding rings

According to a study by Hitched*, three-quarters of couples who were due to get married before the end of July 2020 have chosen to postpone their weddings as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic.

Their commitment – determination, even – to marry remains, even during such uncertain times.

Long-lasting relationships are solid and will weather such storms.

It is for this reason, that in Western nations, wedding rings are often forged as gold. The perpetuity of this noble metal symbolises the permanence of the marriage.

Gold is durable and does not easily fragment; surely that is what we all aspire to?

Gold is also a symbol of value, or in the context of a wedding, the cost of love.

“The everlasting radiance of gold, together with its scarcity, suggested such exceptional value that its route from the golden calf, the gilded phallus and the Golden Fleece to its use as money was probably inevitable,” writes Peter L. Bernstein in his book The Power of Gold.

“The process works both ways: gold’s massive purchasing power adds to the lustre we see when we look at gold jewellery…”

Every single piece of gold, no matter how small or how large, is instantly recognisable everywhere as a receptacle of high value.

For some, that is representative of their own wealth – or at least that it how they want it to be perceived. In their eyes, the more expensive the wedding ring, the greater their fortune.

Gold’s durability, density and glow made it a natural choice as a store of wealth long before people thought about using it as money. According to Bernstein, “gold in ancient times was a passion, a blatant expression of power, a means to provoke envy…”

For others, it is the value of their relationship and the ‘forever’ it represents.

“Gold endures as a standard of value,” write Bernstein. “From the Golden Rule to Olympic gold, it has commanded more respect than any other substance in history.”

In marriage, arguably, gold’s symbolism is as important as its worth.

*Hitched is a UK-based wedding planning website